Friday, September 28, 2007

Introductions - Gsina

Meet the new man in my life. I am deeply in love... wouldn't you be?

This is Gsina. He is 1 year and 8 months old. He is a son of Duduzile, who is Thandi's daughter. When i first met him I thought he was a girl - due to a language barrier between his mom and I.

Gsina lives in the street with his family. Him and mom are HIV positive, so some days he is very sick and down. Other days he is a real little charmer, making all the girls in the office, especially Colleen, go crazy, playing with him, giving him presents etc.

He has an incredible gift. No-one can walk past him without smiling, whatever age, gender, race or walk of life they are. Sometimes he just sits quietly next to his mom, or gran, but sometimes he entertains the whole street by dancing, laughing and pretending to park cars.

He doesn't really know what to do with toys, in fact they seem to scare him, but if he sees a plate of food he grabs it and you can't take it away from him. His other favorite toys so far have been: Meghan's sunglasses, a box, an empty takeaway container... and to my great fear - my new camera :-(

He is one of the few kids in the world that brings out my inner mother. Last time he was sick - I almost cried. I wish he could be mine. I worry every day what will become of him, living with a mom who seems to be just getting more and more sick and a gran, whose heart is giving in, sleeping in the street, with a future of pain, illness and despair ahead.

I hope that every time Colleen lovingly picks him up and plays with him, or brings him gifts - his tiny life becomes that little bit more happy.

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